Culligan® C&I Water Softeners

Pre-treatment – remove water problems and increase downstream efficiency of your equipment

Pre-treatment reduces turbidity, odors, iron, manganese and heavy metals from water. Water softening can also reduce water hardness and get rid of scale, increasing the lifespan and downstream equipment efficiency. 

Softened water replaces ions with sodium salts to improve efficiency of equipment without anti-scalant chemicals, resulting in both immediate and long-term cost reduction.

Businesses using Culligan water softeners have experienced the following savings:

  • Reduced scale buildup in equipment and fixtures
  • Increased lifespan of equipment and lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Up to 30-35% reduction in use of detergent and chemicals
  • Increased lifespan of materials

Commercial and industrial water softening is used in the restaurant industry to upgrade water quality and create great-tasting water and ice, and hotels use them to save tons of laundry costs that produces softer, brighter linens. Likewise, by reducing scale and iron buildup with softeners and filtration any cleaning is much easier, and requires fewer detergents. Culligan water conditioners are customized to treat any water source, including municipal and well water.

Features of Commercial/Industrial Water Softeners:

  • Progressive Flow – the GBE controller uses this feature in multiple tank systems to bring additional units online or take them off line based on flow rate, allowing for smaller system sizing. 
  • Aqua-Sensor® – automatically triggers the water softener regeneration cycle based on resin bed exhaustion. This can help save expenses by reducing salt and water usage.
  • Brine Reclaim – when the GBE controller is paired with the Brine Reclaim system, huge gains in operating efficiencies are possible. You can reduce salt consumption by at least 25% by upgrading to the Culligan brine reclaim system.
  • Remote Display – will allow you to monitor the status of your system from up to 200 ft. away. 
  • Telemetry – our optional modem and telemetry services allow your system to call in after each regeneration cycle, reporting on system status and operating parameters, and alert Culligan Mobile when your equipment needs attention. 

CTM Series Filtration Carbon & Softeners

The Culligan Top Mount (CTM) Series softener models use the latest control valve technology to offer superior flow rates up to 104 gallons per minute and long-lasting performance for commercial and industrial applications.

The Culligan® Top Mount (CTM) Series softener models use the latest control valve technology to offer superior ow rates and long-lasting performance for commercial and industrial applications. The top-mounted control minimizes the system’s footprint and is constructed of a corrosion-resistant, heavy duty plastic tested in extreme operating conditions to service all types of problem water (high chloramines, heavy iron, etc.). 

HE 1.5 Carbon Filtration, Greensand Filtration 

With Culligan exclusive patented technology, the HE 1.5 Softener delivers improved efficiency for small- to medium-scale commercial applications needing a flow rate up to 37** gallons per minute. Hardness removal capacity is up to 210k grains per tank.

Pre-wired and pre-piped systems are now available in multiple configurations and tank sizes with HE 1.5 Softener tanks.

The HE 1.5 dual tanks provide flow rates up to 37** gallons per minute and a continuous supply of conditioned water 24 hours a day. Its hardness removal capacity ranges from 60,000 to 210k grains per tank. 

Skidded Pre-Treatment Systems

With the Culligan Smart Controller, the Hi-Flo® 3e also features a smart design with a top-mounted control valve to reduce the length of pipe needed for installation. The Hi-Flo® 3e is ideal for commercial processes requiring 280 gallons per minute and hardness removal capacity up to 1.2 million grains per tank.

Improve your water quality regardless of your water usage quantity. The Culligan Hi-Flo® 3e water softener effectively reduces contaminants* that affect water quality such as scale and stain-causing minerals. The Culligan®-exclusive Smart Controller allows you to efficiently set up and manage your water treatment. 

 Hi-Flo xN® Softener 

The Hi-Flo xN® Series features an “all plastic,” DC Motor Driven valve, which offers improved reliability and ease of service. The Hi-Flo xN® Series is ideal for medium industrial processes requiring a continuous flow of 148 gallons per minute. The total hardness removal capacity is up to 900k grains per tank.

This softener reduces hard water contaminants* reducing scale build-up that can affect equipment performance. The corrosion resistant innovative valve design offers improved reliability and ease of service. The Culligan® Smart Controller allows you to efficiently set up and manage your water treatment equipment. 

Skidded CSM™ Softener System

skidded CSM softener

Pre-wired and pre-piped systems are now available in multiple configurations and tank sizes with CSM™ Softener tanks. Nearly 200 configurations of multi-tank softener and lter systems available to meet your water treatment needs. 

Save yourself the uncertainty of quoting customized solutions piecemeal with non-Culligan systems. Our Commercial Skid Series are sold as standard part numbers with competitive pricing and lead times. Contact Culligan® today to find the best skid solution for you.



Dealkalizers can help prevent boiler blowouts and help heavy equipment last longer. They reduce the need for chemical treatment, providing for more efficient, non-corrosive operations. Some industries combine dealkalizers with sodium hydroxide as a regenerant to further reduce carbon dioxide in water.

Furthermore, reducing carbonic acid formation lowers the amount of expensive chemicals needed to neutralize the acid. Dealkalizers also lower fuel and operation costs. 

Choose from three industry-leading models: 

HE 1.5 Dealkalizer 

HE 1.5 dealkalizer

Culligan’s most compact dealkalizer system, the HE 1.5, uses ion exchange to reduce anions for applications requiring flow rates up to 22 gallons per minute.

The HE dealkalizer is a post-treatment option for your Culligan water softening system, reducing additional contaminants* in the water that affect the efficiency of water-using equipment. Set up the dealkalizer and manage your system using the Culligan exclusive GBE controller.



Culligan’s mid-size dealkalizer system, the CSM, uses ion exchange to reduce anions for applications requiring flow rates from 6 to 100 gallons per minute. 

The CSM heavy-duty commercial dealkalizer complements your Culligan CSM water softening system by reducing carbonates in hard water after softening. Manage your system using the Culligan®-exclusive Smart Controller, and let settings triggered by flow, time, or water quality sensors automate regeneration. The CSM dealkalizer improves your water and reduces residue on your equipment.

Hi-Flo® Dealkalizer 

Culligan’s largest dealkalizer system, the Hi-Flo® 50, uses ion exchange to reduce anions for applications requiring flow rates from 25 to 200 gallons per minute.

The Hi-Flo 50 dealkalizer is a post- treatment option for your Culligan® water softening system that further reduces contaminants* in the water that affect the performance and efficiency of water- using equipment. The scalable configuration helps meet your growing needs for high-quality water. Manage the Hi-Flo 50 dealkalizer system with the Culligan®- exclusive Smart Controller that is easy to program and use.