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Filters/Reverse Osmosis

Culligan® Reverse Osmosis Membrane Solutions

Reverse osmosis (RO) membranes can eliminate the need for chemical regenerants, further reducing costs. Culligan RO systems are specially engineered for industrial or commercial applications, large or small. 

RO membranes act as a barrier to salts and unwanted organic substances, as well as micro-contaminants, pesticides, pyrogens, and some viruses and bacteria.

This specialized type of filtration is used to produce highly purified water for: 

  • Boiler and deionization pre-treatment
  • Drinking water
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Cosmetics
  • Seawater desalination
  • Industrial boilers

IW Reverse Osmosis System


IW reverse osmosis cullig

This new system uses some of the most innovative commercial technology in the industry to facilitate maximum cost-effectiveness, and its design is American-made.

The IW is available in a variety of configurations to cover flow requirements from 22 to 200 GPM with salinity levels up to 3000ppm of TDS. Using an innovative modular design, Culligan® is able to offer the highest quality construction and speedy delivery times at very competitive pricing.



G2 Reverse Osmosis System


G2 reverse osmosis systemThe vertical or horizontal steel, skid-mounted system can provide high-quality reverse osmosis water for those businesses requiring flow rates of 3 to 18 gallons per minute.

Culligan® makes it simple to manage your water for drinking and industrial processes. The G2 Reverse Osmosis system is a flexible, expandable configuration customized to help meet your most demanding and exacting consumption needs. Manage the reverse osmosis system using an easy-to-reach electronic controller that automates when to get the quantity and quality of water based on your specific requirements.




Commercial and Industrial Specialty Filters

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